occassionsCan you actually buy a turquoise Christmas tree? Seems like it would be a must-have for those Southwestern Christmas parties. The turquoise Christmas tree would look awesome with some cowboy-themed decorations, like little boots with spurs.

What will you put on your Turquoise Christmas tree?

What do you plan on decorating your turquoise Christmas tree with? I’m going to look for some little coyotes I can hang from the branches of my turquoise tree. Know what else would be cool? Instead of an angel, you could put a skinwalker on top of your tree, or a Hopi kachina doll.

But, that might be a bad idea. Incorporating Native American traditions with a Christian holiday seems like a bad idea to be, could be disrespectful to the values of the tribes. Instead, I think I’ll stick to a cowboy theme for my turquoise Christmas tree.

How to decorate a turquoise Christmas tree

So how do you decorate a turquoise Christmas tree? The good news is you pretty much have a blank canvass. So few people actually buy a turquoise Christmas tree that there really are not any set-in-stone decorative rules. If you don’t feel like busting out the candy canes, you don’t have to.

If you are looking at creative ways to decorate a turquoise Christmas tree consider checking out some photos online to get some ideas of what you’d like to do with your turquoise Christmas tree. There are some really creative ideas.

Turquoise Christmas Lights

Maybe some turquoise Christmas lights will make a good addition to your turquoise Christmas tree. Think about whether or not you want to put turquoise lights over a turquoise tree before you get started. if you have a turquoise Christmas tree inside, you may want to consider putting up some turquoise Christmas lights outside. Your neighbors will wonder where you scored the sweet turquoise Christmas lights.


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