turquoise color designTurquoise color can really make an art project pop. When you think about all the beautiful shades a turquoise stone comes in, that look can easily transfer to a home in any room.

Step 1: Find the Right Turquoise Color

Go to your local home improvement store and pick up some paint samples. You’ll want to compare different turquoise color shades against the color of your current decor to determine what shade will work best for you. I recommend looking for paint that has a lower aroma, as the fumes can really start to take a toll in tight corners.

Step 2: Turquoise Color Accent Wall

Once you find you turquoise color, paint one accent wall, if you’ll be painting in a main living area. This would be a wall that you want to draw focus on. Find you favorite accent wall and start painting. I recommend using a quality roller and a good edger to end up with nice straight lines on your turquoise color wall.

Step 3: Turquoise Color Accessories

Now that you have a beautiful turquoise color on your wall, you’ll want to pick out some turquoise color accessories that will really make the room pop. I’m partial to a couple turquoise color throw pillows on the couch, or some killer turquoise curtains. The options are really limitless when it comes to this wonderful color.

Step 4: Plants

Try a turquoise color vase and add a few plants to really bring your room to life. The right amount of living plants will add a nice warm and sophisticated feel to your room. You can find some real killer wall mounted pots to put flowers or other plants in and it will add a new dimension to your room, really bringing the outside inside in a big way.

Not sure what to do with your next interior design project? Try adding some turquoise color. You won’t be disappointed.


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