buy turquoiseAre you looking to buy turquoise? Well, there are a few things to consider when it comes time to buy turquoise stones, and you want to make sure your purchase is everything you hoped it would be.

Buy Turquoise Varieties By Area

If you prefer stones from the Southwestern United States, you may want to shop for regional varieties. Many collectors and enthusiasts get turquoise from Arizona and Nevada, where mines are still in operation.

One famous mine is the Sleeping Beauty Mine, where you can still buy turquoise. Many people want to buy turquoise from this mine because of its beautiful sky blue color and purity. It is a great example of Arizona turquoise.

Arizona turquoise also comes from Bisbee. If you want to buy turquoise from Bisbee, be ready to look hard – it is a highly sought after variety from an Arizona mine that features stunning detail and veining.

If you want to buy turquoise from Nevada, expect to find many shades of green. These stones are immensely beautiful and often feature intricate veining and webbing – something many collectors actively seek out. On the other hand, enthusiasts of the Sleeping Beauty Arizona turquoise want to buy turquoise for its purity – not the veining. They want to buy turquoise that is pure in color and smooth to the touch.

No matter what qualities you seek in a stone, Arizona turquoise and Nevada varieties are both beautiful and should be considered by anyone looking to buy turquoise.

You can shop for Arizona turquoise in many different ways and many people actively seek out and buy turquoise from specific mines that have ceased operations. If you want to buy turquoise from a depleted mine – be ready to pay for it. These stones are considered much more valuable in the marketplace of stones and gemstones.


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